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 Founded in 2008,Yunnan  OLiGHTEK Opto-Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. dedicated themselves to developing high definition AMOLED (Active Matrix-Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology and microdisplays.


With headquarter and manufacturing in Kunming, Yunnan OLiGHTEK Opto-Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.  is the first company in China to design and manufacture the cutting-edge full digital AMOLED microdisplays and entered the market in 2009. So far, more than 10 key OLED patents have been granted officially for OLiGHTEK’s speciality and innovation. Yunnan  OLiGHTEK Opto-Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.  is also the biggest manufacturer of full digital AMOLED microdisplay in China. Our high quality products for near-to-eye applications are shipped to many customers worldwide. 

OLED, the next generation of display technology, has a lot of advantages than LCD which feature lower power consumption, faster response rate, higher contrast ratio, wider field of view, higher luminance efficiency, and wider operating temperature range. With latest developments, AMOLED technology will result in dramatic changes in the display landscape. It’s a great honour for OLiGHTGEK to provide high quality AMOLED products and professional service to all the customers worldwide.



Company Profile


In September 2018, the company passed the GB/T19001-2015 quality management system certification by Beijing Xingguo Global Certification Co., Ltd.

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